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Diesel Engine Control

Integrated system and component solutions for industrial diesel engine management

Woodward has provided control solutions for diesel engines and gensets for many decades, going back to the earliest diesel locomotives and diesel submarines. Woodward continues to meet your demands for more efficient engine management, exhaust emission control, digital control systems, air and fuel valves, engine ECUs, and power management controls.

With many years of application experience with control technologies for diesel engines, we have evolved a total engine control strategy providing state of the art fuel systems, actuators, valves and controls that will maximize fuel economy, efficiency, and emissions control while minimizing overall system costs.

By leveraging the technology utilized in other areas of Woodward’s prime mover control offerings, we have developed the most comprehensive suite of “smart” monitoring and control products in the industry to enable a truly intelligent, “Networked Engine” environment. These products communicate over a variety of industry standard links and protocols.