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Solenoids & Speed Switches

Solenoids & Electronic Speed Switches for Small Industrial Engines


From operating engine run/stop levers, throttles, chokes, valves, and clutches, to protecting expensive diesel engines from overspeed, low lube pressure, and high temperature, you can rely on Woodward single-coil and dual-coil solenoids to meet the ever-changing technical demands of modern industry.

1500 Series, 1750 Series (push or pull), 2000 Series, 2370 Series, Cable Solenoids, 1000S Series Locking Solenoid, 1503S Series, 2370S Series

Solenoid Accessories

Timer modules protect solenoids from burnout caused by engine over-cranking or linkage misadjustment. The protective modules energize and de-energize the solenoid pull coil within approximately 1.5 seconds.

Woodward makes two types of solenoid protection systems: 5-, 6-, or 7-wire Coil Commander® modules and pull coil timer modules (PCTM).

Solenoid Shutdown Kits

Safe, dependable shutdown systems fit a range of engines and fuel injection pump governors. Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, kits contain solenoid and all mounting hardware for attachment to the governor housing.

Electronic Speed Switches

The Model ESSB electronic speed switch has many years of proven service. It is engineered to provide a wide variety of features and options including up to four switch points, adjustable reset, a selection of voltage inputs, and tachometer output. An optional vibration isolator kit is also available.

Electronic Speed Switches

The Model ESSE has single or dual switches to monitor and control critical speed functions. Applications include crank disconnect or overspeed protection on diesel engines, transmission shift inhibiting, and PTO protection.

Electronic Speed Switches

The EPS 1000 is a programmable, three-channel equipment protection module designed to perform a variety of functions simultaneously. It is especially suited for engine protection, sequenced operations, and critical timing applications. It can also be used for unattended engine starting using autocrank and glow plug functions.

Speed Sensors
Magnetic Pickups

Magnetic Pickups convert engine speed to an ac voltage. They are compatible with Woodward electronic governing systems and speed switches.

Speed Sensors
Mini-Gen® Signal Generator

Mini-Gen® Signal Generator mounts on the transmissions of buses and trucks to measure road speed, or on diesel engines to measure engine speed.