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ToolKit-based HMIs (human machine interface) can be used as software service tool programs, software operator control panel programs, or software engineering workstation programs. ToolKit HMIs interface with many Woodward electronic controls, including programmable (GAP™ / MotoHawk) and non-programmable controls, via RS-232/-422/-485 serial, CAN, or Ethernet TCP/IP communications. ToolKit HMIs interface with Woodward MotoHawk-enabled electronic controls developed in 2013 or later.

Special functions include:

Configuration file (tunable) upload & download routines
Full system re-initialization via the “I/O Lock routine”
One millisecond event time tag viewing & logging
Text-string based event viewing & logging
Real-time clock adjustment
On-line & Off-line CPU fault diagnostics

Once an HMI or Interface tool is created, it can be easily saved, protected, and distributed to users as required. Once created, a service tool can be used on any PC with Woodward ToolKit installed, subject to security restrictions. Only tool developers with Woodward’s ToolKit Developer license can view, operate, and program/modify service tool programs.


ToolKit is a Windows-based software program used to create standard or custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) software programs for use with Woodward products. The created HMI programs can be used as graphical engineering work stations, configuration tools, or operator control panels for users to directly interface with Woodward products. This program is ideal for Woodward electrical product users that need cost-effective and easy-to-use software interface tools or OCPs (operator control panels).

ToolKit is designed specifically to interface with programmed products via RS-232/-422/-485 serial, CAN, or Ethernet TCP/IP communications. This program allows application engineers to quickly and easily create project-specific graphical user interfaces, or standardized HMIs as needed.

ToolKit is designed to allow users with a Developer license to create and modify ToolKit application programs. The ToolKit program can be downloaded from Woodward’s website (Woodward Software Products page). A ToolKit Developer license (purchased from Woodward) allows the authorization of ToolKit developer functions, and changes the ToolKit program from a simple browser tool to a development program.

Once an application program is created by a user on a ToolKit “authorized” computer, it can be installed on any Windows-based computer, and viewed/operated via the ToolKit program.

ToolKit Development license users have no limitation to the number or type of application programs they can create or modify. Additionally, ToolKit Development license users can, at no additional cost, download the latest versions of ToolKit, to ensure they are using the latest program, with the latest program features.


Custom HMI Software from Woodward

Product Specification 03366


  • Designed for Woodward Products
  • Create custom/standard service tools
  • Create custom/standard HMIs
  • Real-time display
  • Monitor and change parameter values in real time
  • Easily configure Woodward products
  • Real-Time Trending
  • Runs on Windows ® XP, Vista, 7, or 8 operating systems

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