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F‐Series ITB Integrated Actuator and Throttle Body (48, 60, 68 mm)

F‐Series ITB Integrated Actuator and Throttle Body (48, 60, 68 mm)

F‐Series ITB Integrated Actuator and Throttle Body (48, 60, 68 mm)


The F-Series ITB is designed to throttle air or air/fuel mixtures for gaseous engines in industrial and on-highway service. This system is designed for direct replacement of traditional throttle valves, and requires no linkage between valve and actuator. The ITB contains a return spring to fully comply with US DOT 571.124 specifications. The three sizes are designed to cover a wide range of engines, and should be selected using the sizing procedure described in this specification.

The F-Series ITB actuator software must be properly set up for the application. Refer to manual 26355 for detailed instructions.


The F-Series Integrated Throttle Bodies (ITB) are butterfly valves electrically actuated by an F-Series actuator to control flow output. Flow is a function of inlet and outlet pressure, throttle size, and throttle position. Throttle position is proportional to the position demand. The actuator drives the 0–70 degree output shaft to the demanded position based on an internal shaft position sensor.

There are two ITB actuator types:
F-Series Throttle (FST)
F-Series Throttle Plus (FSTP)

Both the FST and FSTP actuators accept a PWM position demand signal while the FSTP can also accept a J1939 CAN, 4–20 mA or 0–5 Vdc position demand. An optional non-linear position demand curve can be configured for a non-linear actuator response versus the position demand input signal.

The CANbus protocol is SAE J1939.

A 0–5 Vdc configurable position feedback signal provides for monitoring throttle position and for possible feed-forward control. A sight cover is provided over the slotted throttle shaft end to view the actual throttle position. Note that the throttle plate is 15° off horizontal (flange plane) when the valve is fully closed.

The FSTP version includes a relay driver output that changes state whenever the controller detects a configured fault or error condition.

The FSTP version includes discrete inputs for a Run Enable/Key Switch and to set the CAN ID.

The F-Series actuator operates on 10–32 Vdc. The ambient operating temperature range is –40 to +105 °C (–40 to +221 °F).

The F-Series ITB is available in 48, 60, and 68 mm bore sizes. The throttle bodies provide maximum flow rates equivalent to standard throttle bodies of equal diameter. The ITB is designed to operate on air and gases ranging from pipeline quality natural gas to specialty gas (such as landfill, digester, or other biogases). The ITB alleviates the problems associated with linkages on gas engines (such as setup, non-linearity, and wear).

The direct combination of throttle and actuator results in excellent transient response and stability, and requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, or gear train. Therefore, you end up with an efficient, long lasting, and easily installed throttle option.

F‐Series ITB

Integrated Actuator and Throttle Body (48, 60, 68 mm)

Product Specification 03344


  • No linkage or couplings
  • Requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, or gear train
  • Long lasting, small size, easy to install throttle option
  • Includes return spring to fully comply with US DOT 571.124 specs
  • Versatile 12 or 24 Vdc operation
  • CAN communication (FSTP Only)
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Models are available:
    • With certification for North American Hazardous Locations
    • Compliant with the applicable CE Directives – EMC, Pressure Equipment, Machinery
    • With Type Approval to UNECE Regulations 67 and 110

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