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SPC Servo Position Controller

SPC Servo Position Controller

SPC Servo Position Controller


The Servo Position Controller (SPC) is a servo- valve driver that accepts a DeviceNet™ * or (4 to 20) mA based position demand signal from a system controller, and accurately positions proportional or integrating servo-valves. The SPC has the required accuracy, responsiveness, and redundancy required for steam or gas turbine fuel valve control. For valve position sensing, the SPC accepts feedback signals from one or two (redundant) ac devices or one dc device.

A Windows based software program is used to configure the SPC, adjust tunables, and monitor parameters via a personal computer. For ease of service, SPC configurations can be done while connected or disconnected to the unit. Once a configuration has been created, this program allows configurations to be uploaded and downloaded to other SPCs as desired.

The SPC’s position feedback circuit includes integral excitation and signal- conditioning circuitry for LVDT and RVDT based position sensing devices.


The SPC is a field programmable servo-driver that controls one integrating or proportional servo-valve, and accepts single or dual feedback signals for valve position sensing.

This compact digital driver can be commanded (controlled) via a DeviceNet based network, and functions as a DeviceNet (Group II only) slave device on this network. As an alternative or backup to DeviceNet, a (4 to 20) mA input signal can be used to command servo position.

The SPC’s associated PC interface software program allows a user to configure, auto-calibrate, dynamically adjust, and manually stroke the controlled servo. Auto- calibration routines make servo setup easy and greatly reduce installation times.

The SPC driver is classified for heavy industrial environments, and can be easily bulkhead mounted in IP20 locations.

SPC Servo Position Controller

Product Specification 03254


  • Fieldbus controlled (via DeviceNet)
  • Field configurable
  • Accepts redundant command signals
  • Accepts redundant feedback signals
  • Compatible with ac or dc feedback signals
  • Includes LVDT or RVDT excitation circuitry
  • (4 to 20) mA position readout
  • Sulfur-resistant conformal coated
  • Certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, T4 locations
  • Certified for Zone 2, IIC, T4 locations
  • CE compliant

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