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UG40 Actuator

UG40 Actuator

UG40 Actuator


The UG40 Actuator is used on diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, (also steam and industrial gas turbines) to replace UG32 or UG40 type governors, providing the advantages of electronic control and load sharing systems with the convenience of the existing UG40 type drive and linkage.

The UG40 Actuator is recommended for installation involving unattended starts.

The UG40 Actuator has its own 7.0-liter (7.4-quart) oil sump and does not need a separate oil supply.

The actuator will operate with a drive speed from 350 to 1300 rpm. A cooler may be needed for applications with a high drive speed and high ambient temperatures.

A magnetic pickup (MPU) may be easily installed in the actuator to make retrofit of engines from mechanical to electronic control easier. A UG drive in good mechanical condition makes an excellent MPU signal source. Low cranking speeds may require override of the electronic failsafe.


The UG40 Actuator converts a given electrical input signal to a proportional hydraulic output-shaft position to control engine-fuel flow.

The actuator provides the muscle for Woodward analog controls such as the 2301A, as well as Woodward digital controls.

The standard UG40 Actuator produces 85 N?m (63 lb-ft) of work over 38 degrees of rotary output. Stalled torque is 129 N?m (95 lb-ft). Work output and stalled torque are the same as the UG40 Governor.

The UG40 Actuator uses the same cast-iron case as the UG Governor. The oil pump is the proven high-output Gerotor, designed to provide long life with minimal maintenance. The actuator uses standard UG40 output shafts, power levers, power pistons, and piston links. The base will fit any drive designed for a UG40 Governor. Maintenance procedures are similar to those needed with a UG40 Governor.

The electric-to-hydraulic transducer in the UG40 Actuator uses a Woodward-built torque motor which converts the 20–160 mA control signal to a given output position.

UG40 Actuator

Hydraulic Powered Electric Actuator for Control of Larger Engines

Product Specification 37516


  • Proportional electric/hydraulic actuator
  • Uses UG40 case and drive for economical installation
  • Works with Woodward 20–160 mA output electronic controls
  • Self-contained oil supply
  • Integral magnetic pickup available

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