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The QuickTrip trip block assembly is designed for use in steam, gas, and hydro turbine shutdown systems for quick and reliable dumping of the turbine’s trip oil header. This integrated trip block assembly is intended for use on mechanical-drive or generator-drive steam turbines that use lowpressure (5–25 bar / 73–363 psi) hydraulic trip oil headers.

The QuickTrip’s fault tolerant design makes it ideal for critical steam turbine applications, where turbine up-time and availability are essential. This trip block assembly’s 2-out-of-3 voting design provides users with a very high level of system reliability as well as compliance with industry standard API670.

This trip block assembly is designed to allow turbine controls and/or turbine safety systems to quickly dump (bleed off) hydraulic header pressure during emergency trip or normal trip conditions. When applied in conjunction with Woodward’s ProTechTPS logic solver, the QuickTrip allows users to independently test each trip leg to verify operation and trip time. API-670 5th edition requires that all components except for the final element (trip valve) shall be routinely tested while the turbine is in operation.

With the use of trip solenoids which respond in less than 50 milliseconds, the QuickTrip is designed for steam turbine trip systems where it is imperative the entire trip system shut the system trip valve as quickly as possible.

The QuickTrip’s robust design (corrosion resistant materials, three independent moving rotary valves, 25 lb chip shear force, and self-cleaning port design) makes it perfect for challenging applications where dirty or contaminated oil may be present.

The QuickTrip is certified for use in IEC61508 based turbine safety systems, and when paired with the Woodward ProTechTPS, can be applied into systems that require a “Safety Integrity Level – 3” rating or below.

Designed for use in new or retrofit turbine packages, the QuickTrip’s compact package size allows it to be located near the turbine and trip & throttle valve, minimizing trip header piping and related system delays. Each trip leg includes bright position indication LEDs (run & trip) to allow turbine operators to quickly verify system status locally near the turbine as well as integrated limit switches for safety system and plant DCS status and health validation.


The QuickTrip is an IEC61508 safety certified electro-hydraulic trip block assembly designed for use in steam turbine shutdown systems for quick and reliable dumping of the turbine’s trip oil header. This trip block assembly’s 2-out-of-3 voting design provides users with a high level of system reliability as well as compliance with industry standards like API-670, API-612, and API-611.

This trip block assembly is housed in a fully integrated package which includes three patented, dirt-tolerant rotary trip valves. These valves are connected to provide two-out-of-three based voting to ensure that a failure of any one component (valve driver, valve, wiring, connector, etc.) does not result in a nuisance trip condition. The QuickTrip’s modular design also allows users to replace critical components (electrical module, solenoid, wiring, driver, etc.) while the turbine is operating on-line.

Designed to quickly and reliably bleed off trip oil header pressure, at least two of the QuickTrip’s three rotary solenoid valves must be de-energized to open a bleed path from the trip oil header to system drain.

The QuickTrip accepts one or two (redundant) 24 Vdc power sources to power each solenoid, and uses three independent discrete input shutdown commands from a safety logic solver like the Woodward ProTechTPS (independent voted models) to test and control each solenoid valve.

Because steam turbines are often used in hazardous locations where flammable gases may be present, the QuickTrip is designed to be mounted next to the steam turbine and is certified for use in Zone-1 or Zone-2 (Class 1 or Class 2) hazardous locations.

When packaged with a Woodward ProTechTPS safety logic solver, the ProTechTPS performs the required routine safety system diagnostic tests to verify unit operation while the turbine is on-line, and the proof test time response monitoring and logging to ensure the total turbine safety system can respond fast enough to safely shutdown the turbine.

The total installed cost for this fully integrated trip block assembly is low because it has been completely assembled and tested at the factory. This greatly reduces OEM and end-user fabrication time, installation time, and testing time.


Electro‐hydraulic Trip Block Assembly 

Product Specification 03415


  • Dirt-tolerant design
    • No orifices to plug
    • 25 lb rotary chip shear force
  • Self-cleaning valve design
    • Rotary solenoids
  • Fast trip times
    • 50 ms solenoid action
  • Increased reliability
    • 2-out-of-3 voting design


  • Repairable online
  • No single-point failure
  • Testable online
  • Safety certified for use in IEC61508 SIL-3 systems
  • API-670 Compliant
  • Local & remote position indications
    • Local—LEDs
    • Remote—Relays
  • Compact size
  • Certified for hazardous locations
    • Zone-1 or Zone-2

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