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3103 Gas Valve with TM‐55P Actuator

3103 Gas Valve with TM‐55P Actuator

3103 Gas Valve with TM‐55P Actuator


The 3103/TM-55P gas valve actuator combines our state of the art electrohydraulic technology with our proven mechanical hardware.

The 3103 is designed to operate with sour gas (high sulfur content gas) that can cause problems for other gas valves. The 3103 provides a high level of accuracy, and its excellent open-loop positioning characteristics provide consistent valve positions from lite-off to full load.

It employs a self-cleaning feature that ensures rapid and accurate response to any position changes required by the electronic control.

Use of the TM-55P hydraulic actuator improves overall performance by providing a generous amount of torque. This provides stable control of the gas turbine and allows the gas valve to overcome friction caused by gas contaminant buildup.


The 3103 gas valve is integrally mounted with an adapter to a TM-55P Actuator receiving electric positioning signal from an electronic control. The valve/actuator is designed for use with all Woodward electronic controls to control industrial applications of gas turbines.

The TM-55P is an electrohydraulic, proportional actuator which converts electric control input to angular shaft output for positioning the rotary fuel metering sleeve of the valve. The essential element of the actuator is a torque motor servovalve which generates a differential pressure applied to both ends of, and to operate, the secondstage spool valve. Input current to the torque motor gives proportional displacement of the spool valve and subsequent proportional movement of the servo piston.

The 3103 gas valve is a rotary sleeve-and-shoe type throttling valve capable of metering 23 to 18 144 kg/h (50 to 40 000 lb/h). Metering port area is determined by input shaft positioning from the actuator. Various metering port configurations of up to 1290 mm² (2.0 in²) are available.

3103 Gas Valve with TM‐55P Actuator

Product Specification 40106


  • Optional porting configurations
  • Contaminant resistance
  • Internal mechanical feedback
  • Optional electrical position transducer
  • Dry coil torque motor
  • Redundant coil options
  • Integral part of the total turbine control system
  • UL and CSA Approved

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