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Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)

Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)

Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)


The Woodward DVP is the state-of-theart driver for electric actuation. It features a rugged and compact design. The DVP is designed for use with  various Woodward valves and  actuators. It provides positioning based  on a demand signal from the control system. Multiple input type  configurations allow the DVP to be used  with many different turbine controllers. The driver supports redundant installations.


The DVP is designed to control valves and actuators with either limited angle torque (LAT) or brushless DC (BLDC) motor types. The driver positions based on resolver feedback located on the valve or actuator. The DVP uses the latest in Woodward control architecture, the robust controller to provide high-speed precise valve control.

The DVP is designed for plug-and-play installations on many valve types. Woodward has integrated smart technology into the new generation of valves and actuators called an ID (identification) module. Upon connection to a valve or actuator equipped with an ID module, the DVP automatically reads critical valve-specific information to set up the driver. After this auto-detection and customer configuration, the DVP is ready for use. Both pre-manufactured connectorized cables and terminal connection models are available.

The DVP is available in multiple configurations:

  • Ingress Protected IP30 or IP56 models available
  • Connector or terminal block outputs; conduit option available on IP56
  • 125 Vdc or 24 Vdc power input options available
  • EGD (Ethernet), CANopen, Analog (4–20 mA or 0–5 Vdc), PWM configurable input options

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Digital Valve Positioner (DVP)

Product Specification 03376


  • Electric actuator driver
  • Triple redundant EGD (Ethernet) or dual redundant CANopen digital communication options
  • IP30 or IP56 enclosures
  • ID module compatibility for plug-and-play operation
  • Connector or terminal block options
  • Certifications for CE – European, CSA – North American, and GOST R – Russian Federation

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