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GSOV25 Gas Shutoff Valve

GSOV25 Gas Shutoff Valve

GSOV25 Gas Shutoff Valve


The Woodward GSOV25 gas shutoff valve is designed to provide extremely fast shutoff of any gaseous flow for industrial gas turbines. Gas flow is stopped when the valve is closed, with zero leakage from inlet to outlet.

The normally closed valve may  be used for emergency and  normal shutdown  operation. The  special seal design  in the main piston  valve allows long life and prevents leakage. Stainless steel construction assures availability of the valve in spite of corrosive service conditions.


The GSOV25 gas shutoff valve provides shutdown on a gas turbine by rapidly halting the flow of gaseous fuel. The supply pressure is used to move a springloaded piston in the valve. When the valve is energized, gas pressure drives the  spring-loaded piston open, admitting fuel to the turbine. When the current signal to the electrical solenoid is interrupted, the spring loaded second-stage piston changes states to vent off primary control pressure. The main spring then forces the primary piston to the seal, stopping flow.

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GSOV25 Gas Shutoff Valve

Product Specification 40176


  • Rated at <10 psi (69 kPa) pressure drop at flow of 25 000 lb/h (11 340 kg/h)
  • Closes in <0.100 seconds at 900 psig (6200 kPa)
  • Better than Class VI shutoff
  • 150 to 900 psig (1034 to 6200 kPa) operating pressure
  • Designed for natural gas, propane, ethane, or methane
  • Operates from line pressure with no external connections required or with external pilot pressure
  • Models are available with certification for North American Hazardous
  • Locations
  • Models are available compliant with applicable CE Directives—ATEX,
  • Pressure Equipment, and Machinery

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