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828 Digital Control Custom Control

828 Digital Control Custom Control

828 Digital Control Custom Control


The Woodward 828 Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, and gas compression/distribution. The control may also be used in cogeneration, power transmission/ distribution, process management, pipeline pump stations, utility power generation, emergency standby power, and remote control station operation. The 828 provides state-of-the- art control for new and retrofit situations.

828 Digital Control

Custom Control

Product Specification 02874


  • Configurable for control and monitoring in engine, plant, process, and marine applications
  • 32 bit microprocessor
  • 3 user- configurable communication ports
  • Modbus protocol
  • 2 Local Operating Network (LON™**) channels
  • Digital reference and ramps for speed, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Configurable update time groups—10 to 80 milliseconds
  • CSA Certified
  • CE Compliant

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