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Diesel Engine


Drake Controls offers electronic engine control systems for any application operating on diesel and/or gaseous fuel.

Woodward designs and manufactures’ a wide variety components including hydraulic & electronic governors, air-fuel ratio controls, fuel control valves, actuators, mixers and solenoids. This comprehensive product offering allows control of key engine variables enabling Drake to develop advanced control strategies superior to the OEM.

Our control solutions can operate engines in rich or lean burn modes, avoid detonation and operate at the lowest emissions possible, thus lowering maintenance cost and increasing up time. We can convert your diesel engine to operate simultaneous on gaseous fuel to reduce operating cost.

E³ Engine & Emissions ControlThe Woodward E³ Engine & Emissions Control is a flexible and powerful control platform suitable for all advanced engine control strategies including Rich Burn, Lean Burn, Full Authority, Fuel Blending and Diesel Fuel Displacement. The E³ is designed to operate in the most demanding environments just like the engines it controls.

is a versatile speed control and is available in a variety of configurations to control generators, compressors and marine drives. With the flexible configuration software incorporated in the 2301E hardware, application variations can now be selected using an external computer. Changing the application to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and selection of forward or reverse acting is a matter of software setup.

EasyGenEasyGen is an exceptionally versatile control and protection product
line with all the flexibility and features needed to fit into a wide range
of power generation applications. EasyGen can control engine
sequencing & protection, event logging, transfer switching, metering,
synchronizing, load sharing and generator protection. In addition, it can
control circuit breakers in complex bus feeder/bus tie/genset
configurations eliminating the need for a separate station control

IC920/22 Ignition System IC920/22 Ignition System
offers a high degree of flexibility needed for virtually any application. System is capacitive discharge type, has spark energy control, global or independent timing adjustment, programmable timing curves, diagnostics, fault detection and more.


L Series ActuatorL Series Actuators/Valves/Controllers
are available with or without control valves. Integrated speed control is provided so no additional controller is required or can be used as an actuator only. This controller is suitable for speed, air fuel ratio and fuel mixing control applications.

The ProAct™ ActuatorThe ProAct™ Actuator
is designed to control many functions such as fuel rack position, timing control, throttle valve, and waste gate position. The actuator is effectively a positioner with an integral driver, which will accept a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control. The ProAct Digital Plus actuator accepts CAN position command signals and can be configured for redundant control signals.

F SeriesF-Series
is an actuator available with or without a control valve. The integral electronics position the throttle according to the command of a separate engine control, and provide position feedback. When CANbus communications interface is used, the electronics also provide diagnostic information to the engine control.

Gas Turbine Applications

Air Fuel Ratio Control optimizes emissions and performance and is the foundation for control of all gas engines. This system is used on rich or lean burn applications and may operate in open or closed-loop control.

Full Authority system is designed for lean burn engine applications where fuel heating value is variable such as land- fills, wastewater treatment plants, or bio-gas recovery plants. The system precisely controls air fuel ratio by actually measuring fuel flow which results in superior steady state control and transient performance.

Fuel Blending system combines natural gas with low heating value bio-fuels, adjusting the mix continuously during engine operation to achieve desired fuel consumption, power output and exhaust emissions.

Diesel Fuel Displacement adds gas fuel burning capability to diesel engines. This system precisely controls gas fuel to avoid detonation and minimize diesel fuel consumption thus lowering operating cost.

Engine Control Applications
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