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Gas Turbine


Drake Controls offer Woodward simplex, duplex or TMR architecture control systems for a variety of applications including compression, power generation, pumps, fans and expanders. In addition, we can provide API compliant overspeed protection.

Gas Turbine start, dynamic and steady state performance can be improved by utilizing modern control solutions accompanied with precision gaseous and/or liquid fuel metering valves.

Steam Turbines also benefit from Woodward’s modern control systems and can be further enhanced with our latest valve automation technologies including actuators, hydraulic power units and servo retrofits.

Atlas IIThe Woodward Atlas II™ product line provides a robust and versatile solution to the most demanding gas turbine application. The Atlas II architecture provides integral expansion modules for high density I/O requirements as well as an integral PowerSense module for generator control and protection. Application software for the Atlas II utilizes Woodwards proprietary GAP IEC 61508 approved programming utility.

MicroNetThe MicroNet™ product line is our most powerful solution for the turbine market. The MicroNet family consists of Simplex, Duplex and TMR configurations for the highest control reliability available. All MicroNet hardware is VME based architecture. MicroNet configurations are customized to the application requirements using our large selection of I/O modules and field termination modules. The MicroNet product line maintains a SIL ratings for the most challenging control and safety system requirements.

ProTechProTech overspeed protection and configurable plant safety systems provide the highest level of reliability for protecting your equipment. The Protech GII and ProTech TPS product lines are both API-612 and API-670 compliant in addition to their TUV, SIL 3 rating. For less critical applications the ProTech SX provides Simplex TUV, SIL 2 overspeed protection and I/O monitoring.


LQ Liquid Fuel MeteringLQ Liquid Fuel Metering and Control Valves

Our liquid fuel control products integrate Woodward’s proprietary electric actuation technology with a proven fuel-metering concept. Exceptional performance and robustness are achieved in a compact, cost effective package. The use of onboard driver electronics simplifies system design and reduces installation space, time and cost.

GS Gas Fuel MeteringGS Gas Fuel Metering and Control Valves

The GS product line provides a reliable, cost-effective interface between electronic control systems and gas turbines. Both the GS-6 and the GS-16 have integral drivers and electric actuators. In addition to this both valves provide valve operating and diagnostic information via their Can Open digital protocol. Partnered with a Woodward control this feature allows a user access to critical valve parameters and diagnostic data for troubleshooting. The valve uses a self-cleaning, shear type of action that keeps the control port free of contamination that can inhibit optimal performance.

Gas & Liquid Stop ValvesGas & Liquid Stop Valves

Woodward offers both gas and liquid high speed stop and isolation valves for our gas turbine users. Our products are designed with safety in mind and provide high speed performance and zero leakage to keep personnel and equipment safe. All of our valve product lines are available with industry regulatory compliance certifications.

Gas Turbine Applications

Power Generation

Complete generator control and protection systems including excitation, synchronizing, and metering.


Integrated compressor control solutions for refineries, pipelines, process plants, reinjection and storage applications. We can provide anti-surge control of a simple pipeline compressor or complex multi-stage compressor trains. Woodward advanced control algorithms are specifically designed to operate your machinery at peak efficiency and ride through process upset conditions without shutdown.


Drake Controls share an applications knowledge base with Woodward. Our combined experience is unparalled in the turbomachinery industry.

Gas Turbine Applications
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