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Marine Systems

Woodward understands your marine application and has control solutions available for every application

Marine Naval Waves

Woodward provides controls for engines and turbines in a wide range of marine and naval applications, including workboats, fishing vessels, ships, and many types of naval vessel.

Woodward mechanical hydraulic governors are used on many modern marine engine applications as they are very reliable, cost effective and simple to maintain. The mechanical ball head governor operates independent from any power source or other supervisory control system, making it comply with the IACS unified requirement for every type of marine engine application.

Combinations of actuators with ball head governors are the ideal solutions where electronic control is required for complex functionality and mapping specific engine conditions. The back-up mechanical governor enables the engine designer and operator to meet the classification requirements.

Woodward digital control solutions have the ability to perform the supervisory control system, including load sharing, load shedding, soft loading and unloading of the engine in complex propulsion systems. Woodward has a long and extensive experience in designing marine engine control solutions ranging from bulk cargo ships to complex applications such as dredger, cruise ship, military and vessels with high performance requirement such as redundancy, such as dynamic positioning and ice class notations.

Woodward digital control solutions are available for a wide range of fuel systems, including electronic unit pump, electronic unit injector, and common rails systems..

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