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The Woodward High Speed Liquid Fuel Shutoff Valve is a three-way, two-stage valve, designed to provide fuel bypass in 0.100 second or less after termination of the solenoid current. The valve has been designed for fail-safe operation. Loss or termination of the electrical signal will result in all fuel delivery to the valve being bypassed to the return system.

A wash flow filter screen in the valve prevents contaminants in excess of 40 µm (nominal) from damaging the pilot-valve section.

The shutoff valve housing is constructed of anodized aluminum. All moving internal parts are hardened stainless steel.

There is no filtration of normal fuel flow through the valve.

The shutoff valve is designed to protect the turbine should the normal fuel control become inoperative for any reason. Critical overspeed may occur should the valve fail to shut off fuel to the turbine. Engine overspeed can cause serious mechanical damage as well as personal injury or death.

Always use the shutoff valve to stop the turbine. This exercise provides proof of the proper operation of the safety equipment.

Because of the critical function of the valve, it is mandatory that the operator regularly monitor the valve whenever the turbine is shut down as well as during normal operation.

Woodward recommends the installation of two shutoff valves per API-616.

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Liquid Shutoff Valve 25

Product Specification 40148

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