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Woodward’s DSLC-2 synchronizes and controls the generator loading for up to 32 three phase AC generators using the integrated (DSLC-2/MSLC-2) Ethernet communication network. The DSLC-2 excels in either simple generator or complex generator system applications. The DSLC-2/MSLC-2 combination provides multiple unit, segment, utility and intertie power management for complex power systems.

The DSLC-2 control combines synchronizer, load sensor, load control, dead bus closing system, VAR, power factor and process control, all integrated into one powerful package. Applications allow up to 32 generators to be precisely paralleled and controlled. Ethernet network A provides dead bus closing, load sharing, and VAR sharing information between DSLC-2 and MSLC-2 units.

Ethernet port B provides customer remote control and monitoring capability using Modbus TCP allowing easy DCS and PLC interfacing. The Ethernet network provides each device the capability to monitor all other devices on the network. If the Ethernet network is compromised, an alarm is provided and the system can be transferred to a droop control mode.

Redundant load sharing is selectable using both Ethernet A and B networks for improved reliability. If one network is compromised, the system automatically switches to the second network. Slip frequency or phase matching automatic synchronizing with or without dead bus closing is selectable. Permissive mode provides synch check relay functionality.

The DSLC-2 control senses true RMS power and provides soft bump-less loading and unloading functions. It can either base load or set import/export/process power levels against the utility, or accurately share loads on isolated, multiple generator systems.

VAR and power factor control flexibility allows you to either provide a set level of VARs to the utility or to maintain a constant power factor for reliable operation. The VAR/PF control also shares kVARs in an isolated system, maintaining proportional reactive loads (kVARs) on all machines more accurately than droop or cross-current voltage systems.


Digital Synchronizer and Load Control

Product Specification 37493E


  • Applications for up to 32 generators with 16 mains/tie breakers
  • Complex applications with up to 8 bus segments
  • Redundant load and VAR sharing over Ethernet
  • Four communication ports: 2 Ethernet, RS-485 & RS232 ports.
  • The “system update” feature allows for removing or adding generator sets in the system.
  • Automatic generator soft loading and unloading for bump-less load transfer
  • Isochronous load sharing with other DSLC- 2 equipped sets
  • Base load and process control modes
  • VAR or Power Factor control
  • Dead bus closing
  • PLC & DCS compatible
  • The DSLC-2 hardware is configurable for multiple speed controls, voltage regulators, and potential transformer configurations
  • Application range up to 999.999,9 MW
  • UL/cUL & CE Listed

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