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Woodward’s Graphical Application Programmer (GAP™) utilizes a fourth-generation language developed by Woodward. The self-documenting GAP software allows control engineers to custom design a control system for any application. Woodward has used GAP-created code since the mid 1980s. This high level machine language is in a block format, putting many lines of code in each block to achieve a desired function. The advantage of using a block format is that individual lines of code do not need to be debugged, since each program block has already been debugged during development, testing, and field applications.


Woodward GAP is a Windows based software program that allows controls engineers to create block format application programs for a number of Woodward control systems. Once the control logic is entered using the program’s graphical programming environment, the GAP software compiler function generates code that runs in the control.

GAP software blocks are written in C code, which is a transportable language, allowing it to be used on many different hardware platforms. Because of this feature, the same control logic software that has been used and proven in thousands of controls is available for use in the creation of future controllers, without introducing system bugs.

For ease of learning and use, the GAP software diagram entry screen has the look and feel of several software simulator tools familiar to many control engineers. Blocks much like the blocks used to enter models into MATLAB are entered into the GAP software.

The GAP software package is a mature programming package, providing revision control, security, and code import/export tools to facilitate program management and code re-use. GAP Modules allow multiple sections of control logic and algorithms to be created and controlled by different entities, then compiled into a single program for unit control.

While the GAP block language has proven to be an extremely efficient means of programming a turbine controller, some users still require that their existing sequencing logic run on their new control. For these users, Woodward’s Ladder Logic Programming tool can be used with GAP to create sequence logic via industry- standard ladder logic programming. This tool gives the user the capability to perform sequencing in Ladder Logic program language and to perform complex control algorithms in GAP. Like most industry standard ladder logic programs, this program also allows the user to make sequence changes while the engine is on or off line.

When designing and commissioning an engine control system, much time is often spent rewriting, retesting, and redrawing documentation for software that has already been proven in a similar application. GAP allows a control systems engineer to efficiently reuse software representing decades of experience and minimize repetitive documentation time.


Graphical Application Programmer

Product Specification 03377


  • Designed for engine or turbine control engineers
  • Minimal programming skills needed
  • Windows ® “.NET” based, block- oriented editor
  • Self-generating C code
  • GAP™ blocks are proven, tested software routines
  • Powerful editing, navigation and documentation features
  • Automatic change logging
  • Allows MATLAB ® / Simulink ® * code importing
  • Optional monitoring package available
  • Optional trending package available
  • Compatible with NetSim™ simulation tools

*—MATLAB and Simulink are trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

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