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PNEU-TRIP: Steam Turbine Protection Redefined

Applications Petroleum refineries and chemical plants utilize general purpose API 611 steam turbines to drive mechanical loads such as pumps, fans, blowers and compressors. Many of these turbines have obsolete and unreliable mechanical overspeed trip devices that pose safety risks to the facility and its personnel. A more reliable overspeed trip solution is now available […]

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Cost Effective. User-Friendly. Introducing the Peak200.

Woodward’s Peak200 planned release date for all models, without the INMETRO certification, is March 7, 2017. The planned release date for all models, with the INMETRO (Brazil) certification, is May 2017. Field Configurable Integrated graphical operator control panel Simple to install, configure & operate Integrated first-out problem indicator Trip and Alarm event recorder Internal Turbine Simulator Adaptive PID […]

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Woodward Hot Valves Increase Wärtsilä Gas Engines’ Wastegate Reliability

Just eight miles from Denver, Colorado stands the Plains End natural gas-fired peaking power plant. When originally commissioned, it was the largest power plant of its kind in the world. Plains End is a peaking plant, as well as a non-spinning reserve plant available to fill-in for wind and other non-renewable, volatile energy sources on the local power […]

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Advanced Compressor Control Strategies

Woodward has commissioned an integrated turbine-compressor control (ITCC) system featuring a unique advanced control strategy that maximizes compressor availability (preventing trips) and minimizes energy consumption. The Process The recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL) from raw natural gas coming directly from the well goes through several stages of processing. During this process, raw natural gas is purified, dehydrated […]

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Woodward Brazil Builds Panels for Genset Modules

 OnPower is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Brazil that packages containerized power plant modules for use in Brazil and Argentina. Each module contains 4 Scanias or Perkins diesel gensets and can provide over 2 MW of power for low voltage or medium voltage (when needed) systems. These 40 foot long modules are easy to transport, quick to install, simple to […]

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New High-Precision Robotic Welder

Woodward listens to its customers. Rather than use mechanical fasteners on their hot valve throttle plates, one customer requested that they weld the plate to the valve rotation shaft. Woodward responded by implementing a high precision robotic TIG welder in their hot-valve assembly area. This new welder allows Woodward to accurately control all of the key welding factors — arc pulse frequency, amperage, voltage, amount of […]

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New & Improved TecJet 52 Gen II

The TecJet 52 Gen II is an electronic gas metering valve for single-point injection. Through its integrated sensors and electronics it provides the correct gas flow under all specified conditions. Typically, a separate engine control system, like Woodward’s E3 control or an OEM’s control system, calculates the desired gas flow from the different engine and […]

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New VariStroke High Force Tolerance Actuators

Uptime and reliability are essential to the operation of steam and hydro turbines and Woodward’s new VariStroke family of actuators superbly addresses these concerns. Their patented dirt tolerant and self cleaning technology ensures greater overall reliability. The VariStroke linear electro-hydraulic actuators are designed specifically for steam and hydro turbine applications. Two sizes accommodate the required […]

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Next-Generation Ignition

Improved ignition in high-BMEP, lean-burn gas engines by Alan Oetken As high-BMEP gas engines move toward leaner air-fuel-ratio operations to meet increasingly more stringent emission requirements, the air-fuel mixtures become more difficult to ignite. Lean mixtures have slower laminar flame speeds that can result in engine misfire. Also, in large-bore engines the flame front has […]

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Next Generation Controllers: easYgen-3000XT Released

Woodward released the easYgen-3100XT and easYgen-3200XT products, the first units of the new easYgen-3000XT series of the next generation easYgen products. The easYgen-3000XT series of controllers operate electrical generator sets (gensets) of all sizes and applications. These applications can range from single stand-alone emergency backup power to parallel load sharing of multiple gensets in complex, […]

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