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Electric SonicFlo™ Gas Valves

Electric SonicFlo™ Gas Valves

Electric SonicFlo™ Gas Valves


Electric SonicFlo™ gas valves provide extremely precise fuel metering and fast response shut-off capabilities for large industrial gas turbine engines with single or multiple combustion manifold systems. The use of the SonicFlo concept minimizes system pressure losses and eliminates the need for valve discharge pressure measurement and compensation. This system simplification results in a lower system cost and improved performance. Combining the fast SonicFlo gas valve with an EM Digital Driver eliminates hydraulic and pneumatic requirements for the fuel system.

By using electric actuation, the valve has significantly better accuracy and response than conventional hydraulic valves.


The electric SonicFlo assemblies combine plug-style metering valves with electric motor driven leadscrew actuators. The integral electric actuator incorporates a brushless dc motor, speed reduction gearing, a recirculating ball-type leadscrew, and a position feedback resolver. The resolver and driver accuracy allows valve position control of ±0.1% (full travel) to be achieved.

High force levels ensure reliable operation with all common gaseous fuels and allow ANSI B16.104 Class IV shut-off to be achieved. The metering valve plug is loaded to the fully closed position by a helical compression spring. This spring has sufficient force to overcome the electric actuator following loss of power, trip, or position feedback signals.

Highly accurate flow control is obtained by the use of a resolver position feedback transducer and the precise contouring of the metering valve plug.

Each valve is supplied with a Woodward EM Digital Driver for actuation, position control, system protection, and fault management. The EM driver is a digital system which uses model-based control algorithms for robust operation with wide variations in friction levels and return spring loads. PC/Windows® based software facilitates driver setup. Several communication protocols are available for monitoring and control.

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Electric SonicFlo™ Gas Valves

Product Specification 03287


  • Highly accurate fuel flow metering
  • Fast dynamic response
  • High pressure recovery
  • All-electric actuation with failsafe spring loading
  • Model-based control algorithms
  • Digital and/or 4–20 mA analog signal interfaces
  • Discrete fault output and independent shutdown
  • Gas shut-off in conformance with ANSI B16.104 Class IV
  • Materials and construction in compliance with NACE MRO 175
  • Certified for CSA Class I, Division 1, Groups C, D
  • CE Compliant with ATEX, Pressure Equipment, Low Voltage, and Machinery directives

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