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5009FT Fault-Tolerant Control

5009FT Fault-Tolerant Control

5009FT Fault-Tolerant Control


The 5009FT is a standard-off-the-shelf steam turbine control for use on industrial steam turbines used in critical compressor or generator drive applications. This controller is comprised of Woodward’s field- proven MicroNet TMR ® hardware platform and standard steam turbine software algorithms, and is designed for use in standard OEM turbine packages or by system integrators in turbine upgrade projects.

The 5009FT’s fault-tolerant design allows it to operate with any single point of failure without shutting down the turbine, and its TMR (triple modular redundant) design and hot-swap module capability, allows users to easily make system repairs while the turbine set is online and operating normally.

This control’s special PID-to-PID logic allows stable control during normal turbine operation and bumpless control mode transfers during plant upsets, minimizing process over- or undershoot conditions. The 5009FT controller senses turbine speed via passive or active speed probes and controls the steam turbine through actuators connected to the turbine inlet steam valves.

This field programmable controller allows users to easily make system configuration changes without the need of an OEM expert. System configuration, calibration, and dynamic tuning changes are made via an integrated engineering workstation. This station also functions as a limited operator control panel, allowing operators to start/stop the turbine, enable/disable all control modes, and view/reset system alarms. Multiple password security levels are available to provide different plant personnel with access to the different levels of the 5009FT’s configurations/ adjustments depending on site requirements.

The 5009FT can be purchased separately as a kit or mounted in a free-standing cabinet with an integral engineering workstation, and ready for field termination. The 5009FT can be configured to operate as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a plant’s Distributed Control System, depending upon the site’s requirement.

Optionally (part number dependent), the 5009FT can be purchased with Woodward’s integrated compressor control algorithms for compressor sets with 1 or 2 loops (1 or 2 re- cycle valves). This option includes additional I/O modules and Woodward’s OEM-qualified 1-& 2-loop compressor control algorithms.


The 5009FT is designed to control industrial steam turbines of all sizes and types in system-critical applications requiring maximum reliability and availability. This steam turbine controller includes specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving compressors, generators, or pumps.

Designed for today’s plant standardization practices, the 5009FT control system’s versatile program can be configured to control single valve, or single extraction, or single admission, or single extraction/ admission steam turbines. The 5009FT control’s unique PID structure makes it ideal for petrochemical or power generation applications where it is required to control steam plant parameters like compressor speed, generator frequency, turbine load, turbine inlet or exhaust header pressures, or tie-line power.

The 5009FT control’s TMR (triple modular redundant) architecture, TMR CPU and I/O modules, on-line configuration, and on-line repair capability make it ideal for use in safety or economically critical applications. This control’s fault tolerant design allows it to accept redundant inputs sensors, drive redundant actuators, and interface with redundant operator interface stations, making it capable of extending redundancy throughout the entire turbine package.

For applications requiring multiple human-machine-interfaces (HMIs), users can optionally purchase Woodward’s 5009FT OpView™ HMI. This OpView HMI, is comprised of a 17” (43 cm) touchscreen computer panel and purpose-built HMI software program, and has been designed and tested with the 5009FT controller ensuring full compatibility.

For IEC61508 SIL-3 based applications, a safety certified MicroNet Safety Module (MSM) is required as part of the 5009FT MicroNet TMR based system. The MSM functions as the system’s SIL-3 logic solver, and its fast (12 millisecond) response time and integrated overspeed and acceleration detection/protection functionality make it ideal for applications on critical turbines. For more information on the MicroNet Safety Module, refer to Woodward product spec 03375.

5009FT Fault-Tolerant Control

Product Specification 03373


  • IEC61508 SIL-3 Certified
  • Triple modular redundant
  • API612 Compliant
  • Field-proven controller
  • On-line configurable
  • On-line repairable
  • Integrated engineering workstation
  • First-out problem indication
  • Fault-tolerant power supplies
  • Ethernet communications
  • Time-stamped alarms & faults
  • Integrated overspeed protection
  • Integrated compressor control (optional)
  • One millisecond time-stamping

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