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E³ Rich Burn Control with StableSense* Technology

E³ Rich Burn Control with StableSense* Technology

E³ Rich Burn Control with StableSense* Technology


Woodward’s E³ Rich Burn control provides highly stable, closed-loop control of air-fuel ratio on engines using three-way catalysts, to help engine owners meet regulated emission levels without operator adjustment. The exclusive StableSense* technology maintains up- time and catalyst performance by using the only industrial-gas-engine-specific O2 sensor.

The E³ Rich Burn control is designed for use on stoichiometric, spark-ignited natural-gas engines used in gas compression, power generation, pumping, and other stationary applications ranging from under 300 kW (400 hp) to over 2 MW (2700 hp).

The E³ Rich Burn control is part of the Woodward line of E³ All-Encompassing Engine and Emissions controls designed to meet the performance and reliability needs of gas engine manufacturers, owners and operators.

E³ Rich Burn Control

with StableSense* Technology

Product Specification 03396


  • Greatly reduced out-of-compliance downtime
  • Exclusive StableSense* technology
  • Engine and catalyst health monitoring and alarming
  • Consistent engine starting over a wide range of conditions
  • Integrated engine protection and diagnostics to ensure safe engine operation
  • Works with both single- and dual- bank engines
  • Improved engine performance with automatic on-line cylinder bank balancing on dual- bank engines
  • Integrated approach improves reliability and reduces overall cost
  • Scalable to meet the entire range of customer needs
  • Supports RS-485 serial Modbus** slave multi-drop communications up to 115 kBaud

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