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F‐Series Modular Actuator

F‐Series Modular Actuator

F‐Series Modular Actuator


The F-Series Modular Actuator is an electric bi-directional actuator with an integral driver. The actuator accepts a position demand signal from a master controller and drives the 0–70 degree output shaft to the demanded position based on an internal shaft position sensor. The actuator can accept a PWM, J1939 CAN, 4-20 mA, or 0-5 V position demand signal. The electric actuator requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, or gear train.

The CANbus protocol is SAE J1939.

The high-efficiency torque motor delivers 1.4 Nm (1.0 lb-ft) steady-state torque and 2.7 Nm (2.0 lb-ft) transient torque at 105 °C, 12 Vdc.

The directions of shaft rotation (CW or CCW) and shutdown (0% or 100%) are configurable.

The Service Tool software includes an Auto Find Mechanical Stops feature and an Auto Inertia Test feature to simplify scaling the actuator to the systems mechanical stops and setting the position control dynamics.

For status purposes, a relay driver output is provided that changes state whenever the controller experiences a configured fault or error condition.

A configurable 0–5 Vdc position feedback signal (TPS) is available for monitoring the actuator output shaft position and for potential feed-forward control.

Discrete inputs are provided for a Run Enable/Key Switch and to set the CAN ID The F-Series actuator operates on 10–32 Vdc. The ambient operating temperature range is –40 to +105 °C (–40 to +221 °F).


The F-Series Modular Actuator is designed to be engine-mounted for various position control functions on reciprocating engines used in industrial and on-highway service. Position control application examples can include fuel rack positioning, throttle valve positioning, waste-gate valve positioning, as well as other engine position control functions.

The F-Series Modular Actuator software must be properly set up for the application. Refer to manual 26355 for detailed instruction.

F‐Series Modular Actuator

Product Specification 03345


  • Extremely fast, bi-directional actuator, electronically positioned in both directions
  • Requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, or gear train
  • Integral driver compatible with a broad range of control systems
  • 70° (±2°) rotary output allows direct coupling to butterfly valves, eliminating linkage Auto Find Mechanical Stops feature
  • Auto Inertia Test feature
  • CAN communication
  • Versatile 12 or 24 Vdc operation
  • Configurable parameters to tailor to a variety of applications
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Models available:
  • With certification for North American Hazardous Locations
  • Compliant with the applicable CE Directives – EMC, Machinery

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