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GS6 Gas Valve with On‐board Driver

GS6 Gas Valve with On‐board Driver

GS6 Gas Valve with On‐board Driver


The Woodward GS6 gas fuel metering valves are designed to meet the high performance standards required for the control of fuel to industrial gas turbines. The assembly provides reliable, cost-effective interfaces between the electronic control system and the gas turbine as applied in power generation, compressor, or mechanical drive applications. The valve can be used in a single valve configuration for singlemanifold base turbines or in multiple valve configurations for Dry Low Emission  turbines.


The GS6 valve incorporates the highly robust Woodward self-cleaning metering valve design with a high-torque actuator to ensure extended operation in all types of gaseous fuel service. The valve features an on-board electric actuator driver for ease of packaging and installation.

Valve versions with dual position feedback resolvers are available for critical applications. The drivers supplied with these valves incorporate dual signal conditioning, resolver fault detection, and selectable failure management options.

The GS6 is an electrically actuated fuel valve with an on-board electronic position controller. Highly accurate flow control is achieved by the use of a spherical fuel metering element with a precision machined fuel metering port. A seal shoe is located against the spherical valve element to allow accurate flow area control and the achievement of position flow shut-off. The use of rare earth permanent magnets in a highly efficient electromagnetic circuit provides high actuation forces while minimizing package size. The closely integrated mechanical design eliminates backlash and provides virtually infinite valve positioning resolution.

The self-cleaning, shear-type metering action keeps the metering port free from performance-limiting deposits of gas condensates, contaminants, and system debris. The valve uses a single moving part with the fuel metering element, actuator rotor, and single or dual redundant position feedback resolvers mounted on a single solidpiece shaft. Accurate flow versus input signal characteristics are achieved on each valve version by precision forming of the valve metering port, the use of extended valve travels, and high precision resolvers for valve position feedback. The GS valves can achieve flow turn-down ratios in excess of 100 to 1. The positive flow shut-off rating meets the requirements of ANSI B16.104 Class II for valves with a port size of 0.15 in² and Class III for valves with port sizes of 0.30 in², 0.45 in², 0.60 in², and 0.75 in².

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GS6 Gas Valve with On‐board Driver

Product Specification 03256


  • Single moving part for reliable performance
  • All-electric actuation
  • On-board driver
  • Fast dynamic response
  • Robust self-cleaning valve
  • Digital and/or 4–20 mA interface
  • Highly accurate fuel metering
  • Discrete fault output and independent shutdown
  • Certified for use in Hazardous Locations

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