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IC‐920 / IC‐922 Ignition Controllers with ServLink

IC‐920 / IC‐922 Ignition Controllers with ServLink

IC‐920 / IC‐922 Ignition Controllers with ServLink


The IC-920 and IC-922 are state-of-the-art capacitive- discharge ignition system controllers especially designed for spark-ignited engines used in gas compression, electric power generation, and other industrial applications.

The IC-920 controller provides standard-strike energy for up to 20 ignition coils, with an option for up to 24 coils available.

The IC-922 controller provides “big-strike” energy for up to 20 (or optionally 24) coils. The big-strike capability is well suited for high-BMEP or other engines that are prone to misfire.


The IC-920 and IC-922 are ultra-high-energy ignition system controllers featuring user-controlled energy levels, advanced diagnostics, and an RS-232 ServLink interface for easy programming with a Windows ® -based service tool.

The controller system consists of a 16-bit CPU, sensor signal conditioning circuitry, a high-voltage power supply. and 20 (or optionally 24) outputs. The system can be configured from two cylinders to 20 (or 24) cylinders.

The unit software can be configured for any type of industrial engine. There is never a requirement for factory reprogramming of software. All user programming/configuring is accomplished via a Windows-based computer program.

The IC-920/IC-922 uses information provided by three timing sensors (position of crankshaft and camshaft and speed of the engine) to precisely determine when and which cylinder should fire.

The ignition timing of the engine is controlled by operator inputs, such as two manual timing potentiometers, a 4–20 mA signal, a 0–5 Vdc signal, or a five-point speed curve.

Engine operators can adjust spark energy levels for precise spark control and to optimize spark plug life. And to assure good combustion in lean-burn and other misfire-prone applications, the IC-920 and IC-922 controllers are capable of providing very high levels of energy output. The single-strike IC-920 controller is adjustable up to 170 mJ of stored energy, the big-strike IC-922 model is adjustable up to 340 mJ of stored energy.

While the IC-920/IC-922 is operating, the unit continuously monitors the status of the ignition system by verifying proper information from all timing sensors and proper operation of the primary ignition circuit. Depending on the severity of the fault, the unit will either shut down or warn the operator. In both cases, a message is transmitted via a serial link to a PC. Some faults are also annunciated via an auxiliary output.

In addition to protecting the engine from ignition faults, the IC-920/IC-922 also has a user- programmable overspeed set-point shutdown.

The 20-cylinder versions are suitable for four-stroke engines having rated speeds up to 1800 rpm, and two-stroke engines rated up to 900 rpm. The 24-cylinder versions are suitable for 1500 rpm (four-stroke) or 750 rpm (two-stroke) operation.

IC‐920 / IC‐922

Ignition Controllers with ServLink

Product Specification 03331


  • User-adjustable energy levels for precise spark control and optimum plug life
  • Ultra-high energy available—170 mJ (IC-920) or 340 mJ (IC-922)—assures outstanding combustion
  • User-programmable for any industrial gas engine
  • Individual cylinder timing control
  • RS-232 ServLink interface for easy programming with Windows®-based service tool

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