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PG‐PL Governor

PG‐PL Governor

PG‐PL Governor


The PG-PL Governor is widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps and compressors.

Standart Features

An internal oil pump, relief-valve, and accumulator system controls governor operating pressure. A self-contained sump stores oil and reduces contamination from outside sources.

Oil flow to and from the governor cylinder assembly is controlled by a centrifugal flyweight-head and pilot-valve assembly. A power cylinder (servomotor) positions the fuel racks, fuel valve, or steam valve of the engine or turbine.

A pneumatic (direct or reverse) operated bellows-type mechanism sets governor speed. A knob on the governor provides a means of manual speed adjustment. Governor stability is provided by an adjustable needle valve and spring-loaded buffer compensation system.

Optional Features

An oil cooler is recommended when governor oil temperature exceeds 99 °C (210 °F) or governor drive shaft speed exceeds 1200 rpm on diesel or gas engines, or 1100 rpm on steam turbines.

Air, oil, or water shutdown devices, either high or low pressure, are available for engine protection. An energize or de-energize solenoid shutdown device is also available.

For quick starts, a booster servomotor is available to supply immediate oil pressure to the governor. This conserves engine starting air.

Preloaded buffer springs are available for governors used on gas engines and on some engines driving reciprocating pumps.

Various base and power cylinder assemblies are available to conform to engine or turbine manufacturer’s specifications.

Power servos may be mounted integrally on the governor with the terminal shaft in either the 3, 6, 9, or 12 o’clock positions. Power servos also may be mounted remotely from the governor. However, rotary power servos mount vertically only.

PG‐PL Governor

Product Specification 36700


  • Isochronous control
  • Pressure compensated
  • 16 to 79 J (12 to 58 ft-lb) output capacities
  • Remote power servos
  • Pneumatic or manual speed setting
  • Rotary or linear output
  • Self-contained sump

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