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ProAct™ P‐Series FL Position Controller

ProAct™ P‐Series FL Position Controller

ProAct™ P‐Series FL Position Controller


The ProAct™ P-Series FL Position Controller is a family of electric actuators intended to be mounted on-engine to control varying functions including (but not limited to): fuel rack positioning, timing control, throttle valve, and wastegate positioning. The actuator is effectively a positioner which accepts a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control.

It includes an integral digital driver capable of controlling the actuator, communicating with the outside control system, and containing on-board software and intelligence to realize monitoring and customizing functions.


The actuators are designed to be base- or flange-mounted (Model IV is base-mounted only) in an on-engine environment and can therefore withstand high levels of vibration and temperature extremes. They all have a 0.625-36 serrated tooth terminal shaft, and an optional rotation scale and indicator are available for visible travel detection. The actuators accept analog (jumper-selectable 0 to 5 Vdc, 4 to 20 mA, or 0 to 200 mA), CAN, or PWM position command signals and can be configured with a primary and backup position command signal input, providing redundancy with automatic failover and backup logic. It monitors all available internal and external signals, and annunciates any detected faults through a discrete output. An analog output (0 to 5 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA) provides actual position indication, and a discrete input is available to remotely shut down the actuator.

Additionally, the ProAct P-Series FL includes on-line and off-line diagnostics, current limiting based on driver electronics temperature, CAN communications, and service port communications. It is field programmable, allowing a single design to be used in many different applications. It must be configured and calibrated to the specific engine with a personal computer (PC) and a Woodward ProAct Service Tool that communicates serially to the driver via RS-232. The Service Tool (part number 9927-1187) can be downloaded from the Woodward website (www.woodward.com). Data files for subsequent applications of the same engine model can be downloaded off-engine.

Refer to manual 26659 for more detailed information.

ProAct™ P‐Series FL Position Controller

Electric Actuators with Integral Driver

Product Specification 03401


  • Extremely fast, bi-directional actuator, electronically positioned in both directions
  • All-electric actuator requires no drive or hydraulic supply
  • Integral driver compatible with broad range of control systems
  • 75° (±2°) rotary output allows direct coupling to butterfly, eliminating linkage
  • Multiple sizes to fit broad range of applications
  • Single or redundant position command signals
  • Configurable parameters to tailor to varied applications
  • CAN communications
  • Advanced Diagnostics

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