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Monitor GAP™

Monitor GAP™

Monitor GAP™


Monitor GAP™ can be used with any Woodward control that supports the Woodward Servlink protocol. It may also be configured to communicate with Woodward’s NetSim control simulation program. Contact your Woodward representative for more information.

Generally, service personnel use Monitor GAP for troubleshooting during initial commissioning or subsequent system modifications. The tool allows the user to see graphically the progression of value changes as they ‘ripple through’ the control design. Correct performance responses are easily verified, and abnormalities are made apparent by examination of appropriate control blocks.


Monitor GAP™ is a licensed software service tool that allows service personnel to view and edit runtime values for GAP (Graphical Application Program) generated application software. GAP software is Woodward’s pictures-to-code programming tool. This programming system uses libraries of control objects that are connected together in a graphical format. The final control design is displayed as a group of interconnected blocks that represent the actual functionality of the code running in the control hardware.

Monitor GAP works in parallel with the GAP graphical display and superimposes the actual runtime values on that display. In addition, Monitor GAP can edit variables that have been previously declared as ‘tunable’ in the original GAP design.

The GAP editor includes Monitor GAP within its core structure. As such, Monitor GAP software can be activated by authorizing the Monitor license on an existing GAP editor installation.

Monitor GAP runs on a PC and accesses the actual runtime values from an OPC communications server. Some Woodward controls provide an OPC server directly to a TCP/IP network. Most controls communicate over a serial or Ethernet cable with the SOS Servlink OPC Server program that provides the OPC interface on a PC. Data is collected in real time so that the values displayed by Monitor GAP are always current.

Monitor GAP includes Woodward’s Control Assistant software package for additional servicing capability. This package displays values in a tabular (rather than graphical) format and allows monitoring/tuning of variables, management of configuration and set points, and loading of new GAP-generated application software. With a separately purchased Control Assistant license, application values can be viewed live in a strip-chart window. See product specification 03201 for additional information on Control Assistant.

Monitor GAP™

Product Specification 03306


  • Powerful troubleshooting tool for GAP- programmed controls
  • Easy to use graphical format
  • Monitor / Tune variables
  • Boolean, real, integer, string, timer values
  • Integrated with Woodward’s Control Assistant program which provides tabular display and optionally live value trending
  • Can be used with Woodward’s NetSim™ Control Simulator or with a live control

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