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SPM-D10 Series

SPM-D10 Series

SPM-D10 Series


The SPM-D10 is a microprocessor-based synchronizer designed for use on three phase AC generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and automatic voltage regulators. The SPM-D10 synchronizer provides automatic frequency, phase and voltage matching using either analog- or discrete output bias signals.

Part-No. 8440-1668 SPM-D1040B/XN is a direct replacement of the SPM-A synchronizer.

SPM-D10 Series

Woodward Synchronizer with Reliability

Product Specification 37297C


  • Synchronization for one circuit breaker
  • Phase match or slip frequency synchronization with voltage matching
  • Outputs for speed and voltage bias signals
  • Mains protection available in special versions
  • Discrete inputs for operating mode selection
  • Two-line liquid crystal text display for operation, alarm indication, and visualization of measuring values
  • LED synchronoscope
  • Wide range power supply option available
  • PC and front panel configurable

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