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class104_description-1This class will give you the opportunity to learn more about the basics of power management using the EGCP-2. During the course you will learn about the theory, installation, programming, operation and maintenance of the EGCP-2 with the help of various models, simulators and engines. The hands-on part of the training will include time for programming, adjustments and troubleshooting techniques on the EGCP-2.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a strong foundation on power generation theory pertaining to the EGCP-2.
  • Field calibrate and adjust the EGCP-2.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of power management issues such as; soft loading and unloading, base loading, peak shaving, import/export control, and power transfer.
  • Describe the concepts of isochronous load sharing, baseload, process control, import / export control, VAR/Power Factor control and droop.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of methods of synchronizing, and paralleling of electrical generators.


A. Concepts of Basic Load Control Theory

  • A review covering basic power generation, Load Control Modes, and paralleling generators.

B. EGCP-2 Control Systems

  • EGCP-2 features, control modes and applications.
  • Input & Outputs (I/O) of the EGCP-2.
  • EGCP-2 Programming menus and use of the ServLink / Watch Window software
  • Synchronization, Load Control, VAR/PF Control and Process Control.
  • Calibration and Adjustment of the EGCP-2 control.

The instructor reserves the right to modify the class content to best suit the class needs.

For more information or to register, contact:
Phone: 877-544-5201
Email: service@drakecontrols.com

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