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CLASS #115 – easYgen-3000

CLASS #115 – easYgen-3000


Class115_DescriptionThis 5-day course provides an in-depth introduction to generator control and power system management using the easYgen-3000 control system platform. It is intended for power system designers, application engineers and service technicians who will specify, program and/or commission the easYgen-3000.

The course covers a wide range of easYgen-3000 applications, from simple stand-by operation to multiple generators in complex distribution systems, and includes instruction on applying the Woodward LS-5 circuit breaker controllers in conjunction with the easYgen-3400/3500 controls.

The course consists of both classroom lecture sessions and hands-on training. It begins with an overview of the features and functionality of the easYgen-3000 and progresses through device configuration via Woodward ToolKit programming software, application and operation modes, communication, use of the LogicsManager and AnalogManager functions, PID controller function, and complex system management using the LS-5 circuit breaker controllers. Throughout the course the instructor will reinforce students’ knowledge of power management fundamentals such as:

  • Speed and voltage control, droop and isochronous load sharing, PID control.
  • Synchronizing and proportional load sharing of electrical generators.
  • Soft loading/unloading, baseload, process control, import/export control, VAR/PF control.

Students will program actual easYgen-3000 controls using Woodward ToolKit programming software.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

  • Know the capabilities of the different easYgen-3000 models, as well as complementary peripheral devices and third-party modules, and be able to specify the correct devices for a given application.
  • Navigate the menu structure and configure the easYgen-3000 for a variety of applications.
  • Use the LogicsManager and AnalogManager functions to broaden the logical programming capabilities of the easYgen-3000.
  • Troubleshoot common alarms/errors and tune the easYgen PID controllers for optimal system performance using the ToolKit trending functions.
  • Demonstrate a firm understanding of power management fundamentals.

The instructor reserves the right to modify the class content to best suit the class needs.

For more information or to register, contact:
Phone: 877-544-5201
Email: service@drakecontrols.com

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