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2301E Software Wizard Makes Configuring Easier

2301E Software Wizard Makes Configuring Easier

2301EThe 2301E Configuration Wizard makes it easier to set up and use the Load Sharing Speed Control. It automatically skips over unused or unselected program functions, reducing confusion and configuration time.

Woodward’s 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. With built-in flexible configuration software, application variations can now be selected using an external computer (PC). Changing the application to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and selection of forward or reverse acting is simply a matter of software setup.

The controller is backward compatible with existing 2301D products, since it has the same footprint and mounting configuration. The new controller insures the ongoing availability of a proven, versatile product with enhanced features.

The new configuration wizard is now included in  the latest 2301E Service Tool, which can be downloaded from the Woodward website.


This announcement originally appeared in Woodward’s Energy Controls News email newsletter, April 2015 Edition.

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