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New & Improved TecJet 52 Gen II

New & Improved TecJet 52 Gen II

TecJet 52The TecJet 52 Gen II is an electronic gas metering valve for single-point injection. Through its integrated sensors and electronics it provides the correct gas flow under all specified conditions.

Typically, a separate engine control system, like Woodward’s E3 control or an OEM’s control system, calculates the desired gas flow from the different engine and gas parameters. This desired gas flow is transmitted through a CAN link to the TecJet valve. The valve ensures that the desired gas flow is attained by automatically compensating for changes in gas pressure and gas temperature.

Its fast response to flow commands allows acceptance of large load steps without losing engine speed. The valve’s high turn-down ratio makes it possible to use one model for a complete engine family.

Drop-in replacement for previous TecJet valves

The Gen II is fully backward compatible with TecJet 50 Plus and TecJet 52 valves. Its improved dynamic response and repeatability over these valves make transitioning to the Gen II a logical decision. Flow testing ensures that the engine does not have to be recalibrated when previous models are replaced.

The Gen II is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the TecJet 52. Two minor differences that should be noted when applying the new Gen II to the engine are:

  • The new Gen II flange is “flat” and no longer has the DIN “step” This change eliminates cracked pipe flanges that sometimes occurred when the TecJet 52 was clamped into place.
  • The Gen II is designed for flange mounting as most applications are flange mounted. If the valve requires a body mount, a kit including mounting feet and the appropriate bolts is available for purchase.

Improvements over previous models

When transitioning to the Gen II, are some of the product improvements you can expect. Talk to your Woodward account manager for details on your specific application.

Higher Range of Flow Capabilities

  • TecJet 52 turndown ratio is 65:1, Gen II is 110:1
  • This allows the TecJet to be used in a larger flow range, resulting in a wider range of applications.

Lower Closed Flow Leak

  • Equivalent to 20% area reduction from 0.027 in 2 to 0.0215 in2
  • This will allow for better startup and low-load control – especially at altitude.

Better Environmental Sealing

  • TecJet 52 is not sealed to the environment. Gen II is NEMA 4.
  • Gen II passes power washing without water ingress.

More Robust to Specialty Gasses

  • TecJet 52 has unsealed bearings. Gen II has bearings sealed with gas resistant seals and grease.
  • This will improve the product life in specialty gasses.

Lower Weight

  • TecJet 52 weighs approx. 40 lbs. Gen II weighs approx. 31 lbs.
  • This eases the installation process and reduces the energy transmitted to the valve during vibration.

Old Part Numbers

New Part Numbers

TecJet 52

Description TecJet 52 Gen II Description


TecJet 52,
EGS Version


TecJet 52 Gen II,
EGS Version


TecJet 52,
EGS02 Version


TecJet 52 Gen II,
EGS02 Version


Kit, TecJet 52G2
4-Post Center Mounting


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This release was initially announced in Woodward’s Energy Controls News, July 2015 Edition.

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