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New HIGHPROTEC-2 Protection Relays

New HIGHPROTEC-2 Protection Relays

highprotec-2Woodward has released the next generation of protection relays, HighPROTEC-2! HighPROTEC protection relays have been very popular in the European market, and the next generation incorporates features and protection standards used in the North American market. These updates make the relays more useful as well as ensuring their global appeal.

Protection made simple.

HighPROTEC-2 makes protecting electrical buses and equipment simple. These new, more flexible, medium-voltage protection relays are designed for generators and power distribution applications. The relays monitor the electrical condition of equipment and disconnect its power source if a problem or potential problem is detected.

Nine versions of HighPROTEC-2 relays target different types of electrical applications including electrical feeders mains decoupling, and line protection as well as electrical generators, transformers, and motors. Each version has the flexibility to be configured to address the specific aspects of the application. This flexibility reduces the number of product variations that occurs with matching a solution to the specific requirements of a particular application.

HighPROTEC-2 Versions

Generator differential protection MCDGV4-2
Feeder and Grid Coupling
Directional over current, voltage, and frequency protection with voltage MRA4-2
Over current earth fault protection MRI4-2
Voltage and frequency protection MRU4-2
Directional over current, voltage and frequency protection with voltage and control function up to 6 breakers/switch gear MCA4-2
Motor protection MRM4-2
Motor protection with voltage MRMV4-2
Transformer differential protection (2 windings) MRDT4-2
Transformer differential protection (2 windings) with voltage MCDTV4-2

HighPROTEC-2’s application flexibility extends to voltage and current inputs (o-800V AC and 1A/5A), wide-range input power, parameter configuration, communications protocols (DNP3.0, IEC 61850, Modbus, Profubus), and seven different languages.

With these expanded communications capabilities, HighPROTEC-2 relays can easily be combined with Woodward’s steam turbine controls and generator set controllers to form a complete control and protection solution for generator systems.

Ease of Use with Service Tool

The HighPROTEC-2 is easy to use throughout its life from ordering, installation, commissioning, and operation. The graphical display below shows the relay’s connection architecture along with real-time operating values and messages/alarms/fault data. A PC-based service tool makes it easy to configure the unit and includes parameter plausibility checks and an ANSI menu structure. The service tool also makes operating the relays easy as it includes a display screen editor and event, trend, and disturbance recorders along with counters to provide the information needed to operate and troubleshoot overall electrical system problems.

HighPROTEC-2 has worldwide certifications that include CE, UL, CSA, EAC, and marine certifications.

The new HighPROTEC-2 delivers the functionality, flexibility, ease-of-use, and reliability needed for a long, trouble-free life. Click here for more information, or email us to request a quote today!


This announcement originally appeared in Woodward’s Energy Controls News email newsletter, Autumn 2015 Edition.

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