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Unique Compressor Control and Safety Systems are Field-Proven

Unique Compressor Control and Safety Systems are Field-Proven

Compressor_Control_imageFor over 145 years, Woodward has been collaborating with OEMs and end users to provide the technology, application expertise and support that you’ve come to trust from a market leader. Our field-proven prime mover and compressor controls and protection technologies are safely operating some of the world’s largest compression systems. And, many major compressor manufacturers incorporate Woodward systems into their equipment.

For an overview of Woodward’s Steam Turbine Control and Safety Products and Technologies, click here.

Reduce System Development and Commissioning Time

Our integrated turbine-compressor and motor-compressor control systems maximize availability and performance in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas applications, helping owners run their compression systems and process at peak efficiencies. All of Woodward’s systems meet industry standards for machinery control and safety, and are fully tested in a dynamic simulation environment—enabling you to reduce both system development and commissioning time.

integrated_systemWoodward designs its line of steam turbine control products to be easily integrated together, simplifying system design and assuring unit-to-unit compatibility. This integrated approach reduces installation costs and allows customers to scale their system components to meet the requirements of small, medium, or large steam turbine applications.

Field Proven with Over 500 Compressor Control Systems Installed


  • Residue/Export/Sales Gas Compressor
  • Acid/Sour Gas Compressor
  • Injection Gas Compressor
  • Regeneration Gas Compressor


  • Gas Pipeline Booster Compressor
  • Station Control
  • Propane Refrigeration Compressor


  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker Main Air Blower
  • FCCU Complete Power Recovery Train (PRT)
  • Wet Gas Compressor
  • Hydrogen Recycle and Booster Compressors
  • Cracked Gas Compressor
  • Ethylene Refrigeration Compressor
  • Propylene Refrigeration Compressor
  • Propane Refrigeration compressor
  • Ammonia Synthesis Gas Compressor
  • Ammonia Process Air Compressor
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor
  • Urea CO2 Compressor
  • Instrument/Plant Air Compressors

With over 40,000 steam turbine controllers installed worldwide, Woodward’s control systems have been proven to stand up to harsh steam turbine environments, as well as meet the rigorous control requirements of steam turbine OEMs and users. Robust product designs are leveraged to ensure long-term operation, no matter what the  environment or application.

Integrated Solution at Dushanzi Chemical Plant

Dushanzi_chemical_plantWoodward was selected as the control of choice for all three of Dushanzi’s new critical compressor trains (cracked gas, ethylene, and propylene) due to the highly reliable control platforms, advanced compressor protection algorithms, and ability to control very complex applications requiring a high level of integration between multiple control loops. The Woodward MicroNet TMR® control platform met all of Dushanzi’s, Linde’s, and Siemens’ stringent system control, protection, and plant interface requirements.


Purpose-built for steam turbines, Woodward’s powerful controllers have the performance and accuracy required for today’s steam turbine applications. Steam turbine OEMs utilize Woodward’s turbine controllers to ensure their packages meet steady-state stability and fast transient responses required by petrochemical plant processes and utility grid regulatory commissions. Low rotor inertias of smaller steam turbines pose controlling problems for general purpose PLCs (programmable logic controllers), but not for Woodward controllers. Their deterministic architecture and model-based algorithms were designed in collaboration with steam turbine manufacturers to ensure the required performance and stability at all levels of operation.

Simple Interfacing

As petrochemical and power plants continue to grow in size and complexity, steam turbine operators have found that they cannot be experts on every system, including the steam turbine controller. For this reason, Woodward has put extra focus on ensuring that our user interfaces are simple to understand and use. Our goal is to make the controller’s user interface start, stop, and troubleshoot their turbine without opening a product manual.

OEM Qualified

control_system_qualificationsOEM control system qualification is a stringent process in which details of the control system design, architecture and performance are carefully scrutinized and tested to ensure that OEM turbine performance requirements are met. Qualification includes verification of I/O signal processing accuracy, software algorithms, and control system execution that meet OEM requirements.

Maximize Opportunity and Availability

  • Keep your compressors running without loss of performance or production.
  • Woodward’s high-availability Micronet™ control platforms, proven software algorithms, and advanced fallback strategies assure your equipment runs reliably and dependably
  • Protect your equipment with outstanding anti-surge control loop response. Woodward’s synchronous I/O processing and deterministic execution rates keep anti-surge functions responsive and stable
  • Reduce process gas flaring during process disturbances. Woodward’s advanced control algorithms minimize recycle valve overshoots
  • Increase safety and production by design. Woodward maintains a thorough and rigorous control system design quality process

Key Benefits

  • Superior dynamic performance of surge control and pressure override loops
  • Maximized compressor network efficiency through unique load sharing algorithm
  • Minimized gas recycling rate, optimum temperature control and prevention of prime mover overload during the startup of a refrigerant compression loop
  • Uncompromised compressor safety and high process stability through advanced fallback strategies
  • Accurate reproduction of dynamic responses of fast compressor control loops within NetSim™ (turbomachinery control emulation software linked to a plant operator training simulator)

Integrated Control and Protection

Woodward’s Integrated Compressor Control System (ICCS) is a comprehensive and flexible controls package that improves compressor train performance, reliability, and protection by combining control functions into a tightly integrated system. ICCS solutions can include:

Increase Production 

Woodward’s patented rate PID algorithm provides anticipative opening of the anti-surge valve during process upsets to minimize overshoots and allow safe operation with minimal safety margins. Compressor turndown is maximized and higher product yields are achieved.

  • Compressor multi-loop anti-surge valve Suction_pressurecontrol and process (performance) control
  • Steam turbine, gas turbine, or motor control
  • SIL-3 safety
  • Quench valve control
  • Multiple compressor train control
  • Start/stop/loading/unloading
  • Shutdown interlocks
  • Flare valve control
  • Auxiliary and sequencing control

Compressor – Dynamic Simulation

Woodward’s proven NetSim™ simulation packages provide integrated turbomachinery-specific dynamic modules of the compressor, prime mover and auxiliaries, along with real-time control models that can run on a single computer. This benefits the users in running FEED/ Feasibility/RCA Studies and aids in control system design and testing.

NetSim™ emulates functionality of all system hardware components, accurately reproducing execution timing, I/O synchronization and data protocols.

Power of NetSim™ Compressor Dynamic Simulation Models

  • Validate control system designCompressor_Control_Safety - 51482_NEW
  • Identify compressor process loop bottlenecks
  • Shorten commissioning time
  • Enable effective troubleshooting
  • Simplify DCS integration testing
  • Provide hands-on turbomachinery control maintenance experience and training for plant personnel

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