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SOGAV Passes a Billion Operating Cycles

Woodward designs and builds a variety of solenoid operated gas admission valves (SOGAV). They all operate on the same principle. Two steel metering plates with a pattern of holes drilled in them are pulled apart by a solenoid exposing the maximum amount of opening to meter fuel gas into the cylinder of a reciprocating engine. The valve remains open […]

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Announcing Woodward’s CPC-DX Skid

In critical applications, Woodward’s Current to Pressure Converters (CPC-II and CPC-DX Redundant Version) are electrohydraulic pressure regulating control valves used to position single-acting steam turbine valve servos and actuators. The superb accuracy and resolution of the packaged redundant CPC’s utilized in this skid make it ideal for steam turbine valve control. The skid’s automatic transfer logic make it […]

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R-Series Engine Actuator Newly Enhanced

This past May, Woodward, Inc. announced the next release of the R-Series R-11 and R-30 electric actuators. This release allows the actuator to be configured using a PC-loaded service tool. It now accepts demand inputs in the form of a 4-20 mA, 0-200 mA, 24-volt PWM (pulse width modulated), and J1939 command signal. Additionally, it accepts […]

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Unique Compressor Control and Safety Systems are Field-Proven

For over 145 years, Woodward has been collaborating with OEMs and end users to provide the technology, application expertise and support that you’ve come to trust from a market leader. Our field-proven prime mover and compressor controls and protection technologies are safely operating some of the world’s largest compression systems. And, many major compressor manufacturers […]

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Woodward to Implement Quality Parts Program

Effective Sunday, November 1, 2015, Drake Controls is implementing Woodward’s new Quality Parts Program policy to reduce the services performed by non-authorized service shops. This would limit the sale of sub-components for repairs or overhauls of Woodward products to only Woodward qualified organizations. This will NOT limit the sales of controls. If you have any […]

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New HIGHPROTEC-2 Protection Relays

Woodward has released the next generation of protection relays, HighPROTEC-2! HighPROTEC protection relays have been very popular in the European market, and the next generation incorporates features and protection standards used in the North American market. These updates make the relays more useful as well as ensuring their global appeal. Protection made simple. HighPROTEC-2 makes […]

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The New 505: The New Standard in Turbine Controls

The NEW Woodward 505 range for Steam Turbines is here! It redefines the standard in steam turbine control and enhances your application with the latest 505 advanced algorithms, which means increased flexibility and easier control over the balance of your plant. Advanced product features such as the graphical interface opens windows into your steam turbine control, putting troubleshooting […]

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Electric Actuator Selection Guide

Choosing the proper electric actuator can be confusing. The ProAct and R-Series actuators have slightly different market niches and performance characteristics. Selecting the right actuator for the job in the price range the customer can agree to may be a challenge. Woodward has put together an actuator selection guide to help clear up some of […]

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2301E Software Wizard Makes Configuring Easier

The 2301E Configuration Wizard makes it easier to set up and use the Load Sharing Speed Control. It automatically skips over unused or unselected program functions, reducing confusion and configuration time. Woodward’s 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. With built-in flexible configuration software, application variations […]

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Turbine Safety Product News

SIL-3 MicroNet Systems QuickTrip – Trip Block Assembly Safety certified hydraulic trip block assembly for use in industrial steam turbine shutdown systems.. Scheduled Release Date =   July 22, 2015   QuickTrip – Trip Block Assembly Best Dirt Tolerant Design Lower Maintenance Rotary Spools Self Cleaning High chip shear No internal orifices IEC61508 SIL-3 Certified With […]

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